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Premium Nickel Soft Floaters

CMT Tackle Premium Nickel Soft Floaters work in a wide variety of conditions. The Nickel hooks can withstand Salt Water fishing, and have been sold to a variety of locations on the East Coast of the United States. These jigs also work well in freshwater applications behind large slip sinkers and lindy rigs carrying either live or artificial bait. We have even received word from customers who have had success using these on the end of a fly rod for Largemouth and Smallmouth Bass.

Price: $3.45 per package of 5
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CMT Tackle Jiggin' Minnow

The Original CMT Tackle Jiggin' Minnow is available in an incredible 24 color combinations and has proven to catch fish in both open water and ice fishing conditions. The Jiggin' Minnow weighs in at about 3/16 oz. and is constructed with the highest quality materials available, including a gold #10 Mustad hook, super strength chain, and an epoxy coating to protect from damage in fishing conditions. Each minnow is packaged in individual plastic tubes to avoid tangles in your tackle box. A customer of ours landed a 40" northern through the ice last year on one of our Jiggin' Minnows, and we routinely hear from successful fishermen who use the Jiggin' Minnow to land jumbo perch in Northern Minnesota and Devils Lake, North Dakota.

Price: $4.50 for 2
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CMT Tackle Minnow Earrings

For those with a true passion for fishing, CMT Tackle introduces the perfect way to display your passion both on and off the lake. These high quality earings come packaged in pairs with header cards and come in 7 great colors, including 4 that glow in the dark! CMT Tackle Minnow Earings make a perfect gift for any event or holiday.

Price: $5.00 per pair
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High Visibility Soft Floaters

Coated in vibrant colors and sprayed with ultra high visibility white, these #2 soft floaters are one-of-a-kind. CMT Tackle soft floaters also use a unique body style superior to that of the conventional style soft floater. Our body style allows for greater hook gap and lends itself to the use of artificial or live bait. The conventional floaters restrict the use of artificial bait because the body forces plastic baits too far down the hook to remain effective.

High Visibility Soft Floaters are often used in conjunction with Lindy Rig or slip sinker setups for Walleye in rocky or weedy conditions. Check our fish photos section for the 19" Smallmouth and 29" Walleye caught with these jigs. The white back attracts fish in even the murkiest of water and with 12 excellent color combinations, these floaters are versatile enough to catch dozens of freshwater species under any conditions.

Price: $2.95 per package of 5
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Super Glow Butts

Available in 8 colors, 2 platings, and 3 sizes, these Shad style jigs attract fish under any conditions. Gold and Nickel plating, and incredible SUPER GLOW paint, combined with hand painted lines and double eyes make for a jig that attracts not only fish, but even your fellow anglers. #8 Super Glow-Butts are large enough to use fishing Walleyes and Bass, while the smaller sizes (#10 and #12) best suited for panfishing, both through the ice and in open water conditions. Please view this image to see a comparison between the sizes.

Price: $3.39 per package of 5
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Shad Darts

Much like our Super Glow Butts, these hand painted Shad Darts are available in 24 colors and 3 sizes. These shads have been a huge success throughout the Midwest, both through the ice and during the summer months. Our craftsmanship speaks for itself through these unique Shad Darts and you can be certain that these Shads will outfish the conventional ball head jig. Please view this image to see a comparison between the sizes.

Price: $2.75 per package of 5
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Hook Up Soft Floaters

Throughout our years in business, many anglers came to us with a concern that the Soft Floating jigs they were using weren't as effective as they could be. The traditional style Soft Floater lies in the water (whether attached to a Lindy Rig, slip sinker, or other presentation) with the hook pointing downward. This tends to make it more difficult to hook fish. CMT Tackle has found a solution in these Hook-Up Style Soft Floaters. With this design you can enjoy all of the advantages of the soft body style and excellent visibility while also retaining the best opportunity to hook every fish that strikes. Please view this image to see a comparison between the sizes.

Price: $2.70 per package of 5
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Super Glow Shad Darts

Glow paint technology has come a long way since our fathers and grandfathers first used it while fishing. Glow paints are now available in colored form instead of the bland 'off-white' color many are used to; the Super Glow paints that CMT Tackle uses also glows much, much more than any other glow paint out there. These Shad Darts combine one of the best ice fishing jigs of all time with new paint technology to create what is sure to be a jig that convinces fish to bite. Most customers use these glow shads while ice fishing, particularly in places like Devil's Lake (#8 is often used there on perch), but many use them under floats to catch spawning bluegill in the Spring. We're proud to offer these one-of-a-kind jigs to you.

Price: $3.29 per package of 5
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CMT Tackle Premium Lead Head Jigs

You're looking at CMT Tackle's ultra high quality Premium Lead Head Fishing Jigs in the 1/8 and 1/4 ounce size. They are equipped with blood red hook technology and are fish ready. These ultra popular lead heads are hand painted, their eyelets drilled, and are epoxy coated to increase fish attractiveness, durability and hook sets. These jigs are simply the highest quality jigs available anywhere in the world.

Low quality lead jigs in the 1/4 ounce size often sell for 50 cents each in retail and bait stores. You can get higher quality jigs for less money here and now.

These jigs are not the same jigs you find in your local mega-retailer. These jigs are manufactured under fair working conditions in the United States. Fishing equipment is being manufactured in record volumes under unfair working conditions for low wages in countries around the world, and we hope that these jigs, priced fairly and made fairly, will be a success in your boat for years to come. You can buy with pride from CMT Tackle.

Price: $2.75 per package of 10, $6.25 per package of 25
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